Ferrer - Day by day

The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases is a world-wide problem with complex and multifactorial causes. The polymedicated population with chronic therapies has increased, which in turn has revealed an alarming low adherence rate to the treatment.

Day by Day has been specifically designed to improve therapeutic adherence in patients with cardiovascular disease. It contains a database with more than 750 drugs that enables the patient to select the medication and dosage in a very easy way. It also includes alarm and reminder systems to prevent forgetfulness and dosage errors.

Furthermore, the app facilitates the connection between patient and doctor, enabling this latter one to be aware of the compliance of the therapy, to register the medication and to add new patients.

Day by Day has been designed to facilitate the commitment and to motivate the patient throughout the treatment. It provides positive reinforcing messages, cardiovascular tips and virtual rewards when the patient successfully follows the treatment.

Download the App for free on your smartphone and start taking care of your cardiovascular health Day by day.

Day by day